Finally here: The Official Notion Public API

Today is a very special day! Notion starts the public beta for their official api. From now on it’s possible for third-party developers to build extensions around the notion ecosystem.

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What is possible now?

Here a some examples of integrations:

  • Sync google calendar with notion calendar view
  • Write blog posts directly in notion and publish them automatically to your website/blog
  • Sync todos from todolist apps (e.g. todoist) with notion database
  • Embedded widgets inside notion that display the current weather

This is only a excerpt. I’m sure there are a lot of more possibilities, that we can’t imagine now.

Are there open source projects already?

Unfortunately there are not very many projects until now. But I’m sure there will be a lot of fantastic content available in the following days.

I have started a github project with a list of all available open source projects that i found or were issued by the community.

Feel free to contribute if you are a developer or found other open source projects:

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